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A Virtual Tour of
LTOB - Little Theater On the Bay

North Bend, Oregon USA
(2011 - present)

Two years later after Stray Katz/Genevieve's, OBT returned on the local theater stage with a children's theater production, "Night At the Wax Museum," courtesy of LTOB's Liberty Theater in neighboring North Bend, OR.

It is a grand building, originally built in 1924, with cathedral ceilings, balconies and catwalks, mezzanines and stageboxes, hallway catacombs, and even served as the bay area's silent movie palace way back in the day.

Reknown actor, Roy Schieder of the “Jaws” movie fame, performed and directed here in the late 1950's.

It also has it's own ghosts, like these orbs that appeared one night on stage during a dress rehearsal of "The Babysitter." Other times they've been known to frequent the balcony and light booth areas as both orbs and shadow figures.

"OBT: Enriching the lives of patrons and players of all ages,
through the magic of live theatre."

(This page last updated October 12, 2015)

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