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On Broadway Gallery presents:
     A Photo Montage of past Productions!

2019 Season

Cast of Mamma Mia!

2018 Season

Collage of production, Ghost the Musical, starring Hayden Mault (Sam Wheat), Allison Putman (Molly Jensen), Mike Washburn (Carl Bruner), Juliana Seldon (Oda Mae Brown), Lorraine Chappelle (Nurse/New Yorker/Clara), Debra Rogers (Doctor/New Yorker/Louise), Joe Vos (Construction worker/Workman/New Yorker/Willie Lopez, Jeff Roberts (Ghost on the Train), Heather Williams (Higher Spirit/Nun/New Yorker/Mrs Santiago), Dakota Eilrich (Higher Spirit/Demon/New Yorker/Assistant Susan), Olivia Washburn (Higher Spirit/Demon/New Yorker/Passenger), Ally (Higher Spirit/Demon/New Yorker/Passenger), Jaiden Abbot (Mover/New Yorker/Passerby/Passenger/Demon), Robin Bonner (Mover/New Yorker/Passerby/Passenger/Demon), Jhana Brown (Bank assistant/New Yorker/Ortisha), Bob Berry (Workman/Doctor/New Yorker/Minister/Orlando/Mr Ferguson), Jill Washburn (Nun/Dying Patient/New Yorker/Medic/Officer Wallace), and Julie Abbot (Mover/Doctor/New Yorker/Medic).

2017 Season

Cast of Annie the Musical.

2016 Season

Cast of everyone's favorite kooky supernatural family, the Addams Family, left to right: Jonah Martin (Pugsley Addams), Karissa Thomas (Wednesday Addams), Bil Boger (Uncle Fester), Adria Malcolm (Morticia Addams), Dave Elst (Gomez Addams), Jim Thornton (Lurch), Jill Hayner Thompson (Grand Mama), and Kate Danielson (Cousin It).

2015 Season

Unemployed Sheffield steel workers got "creative" in their efforts to make money with an all male strip tease act performed at the infamous Liberty Theatre. This slightly naughty but still laugh-out-loud adult comedy by Simon Beaufoy starred local veteran & newbie actors in no particular order: Reggie G, Joe Vos, Marc Ogle, Ryon Knipple, Kenneth Page, Kenneth Page Jr, Matthew Page, Kaleb Park, Jim Kingsley, Bobbi Wilson, Julianna Seldon, Melissa Hasart, Robbie Kirch, and Leatha Gonzalez-Vos. Directed by Christina Cardoza, with Musical accompaniment by local sensation, Soul Pie.

2014 Season

Never one to shy away from a challenge, OBT leapt at the chance to take on the internationally popular game turned movie and broadway hit, "Clue: The Musical" much to the delight of audiences eager to help solve the murder out of 216 possible solutions! On stage were Bill Boger (as narrater Mr. Boddy), Christine Cardoza (Mrs. Peacock), John Adamson (Professor Plum), David Fish (Prof Plum understudy), Michelle Adamson (Miss Scarlet), Sierra Banks (Miss Scarlet understudy) George Nixen (Col. Mustard), Barbara Booth Nixen (Mrs. White), Taylor Marchant (Mr. Green), and Ella Fish (as the Detective). Also rounding out the cast were Luanne May (Pianist and Musical Director), James Freshman (Stage Manager 1, Assistant Director), Shasta Banks (Stage Manager 2), Joe Vos (Sound Operator), and Dave Jordan (Light Operator). Directed by Leatha Lewison Gonzalez-Vos.

2013 Season

Back for yet another year in the LTOB venue, the On Broadway Thespians troupe tackled three one-act thrillers in the production of "Halloween THRILL~ogy." "Dead" starring Byrell Justice and Christina Cardoza, "The Babysitter" starring Leatha Gonzalez-Vos (as Mrs. Williama), Jadess Taitano (Karen), Kierstin Martin (Carol), Magdalena Irais Casas (Pam), Marisela Casas (Julie), and Elena Colangeli (as Sarah), and "Country Gothic" starring James Freshman (as Jeremiah), Jadess Taitano (Sarah), Christina Cardoza (Mrs. Andrews), Melissa Hasart (Widow Perkins), Melanie Bayati (Lizzie), Bob Tamareng (Luther), George Nixon (Elder Maxfield), Mike Slaska (Amos), Jessica Hernandez (Amos' Wife), Cherish Benavidez (Aunt Martha), Tawnie Cozad-Slaska (Rebecca), Bryson Freshman (David), Kaleb Noggle (Alfred), and Elliott Noggle (as Leo).

2012 Season

"NunSense: the Mega-Musical" -- All the fun of the original Nunsense, only this time super-sized with a sprinkling of new characters. The Cast consisted of Diane Biggs (as Reverend Mother), Barbara Booth-Nixon (Sister Hubert), Leatha Gonzalez-Vos (Sister Robert Anne), Bree Slaska (Sister Amnesia), Christina Cardoza (Sister Leo), George Nixon (Father Virgil), Bobbi Wilson (Sister Wilhelm), James Freshman (Brother Luke), Kris Shipp (Brother Brendon), Mary Jo Suhur (Sister Julia Child of God), Robbie Kirch (Sister Mary Annette), Alan Edwards (Father Raul), Shelly Freshman (Sister Shelly), Michelle LeBlanc (Sister Michelle), as well as the following ensemble as Students of Mt. Saint Helen's academy: Andrew Freshman, Bryson Freshman, Aaiden Slaska, and Tawnie Slaska. Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez Vos served as Director, with Byrell Justice as Assistant Director.

2011 Season

Two years later after Stray Katz/Genevieve's, OBT opens with a children's theater production, "Night At the Wax Museum," courtesy of the LTOB theater in neighboring North Bend, OR. Both veterans and newbies were sprinkled throughout this play beginning with museum caretakers (Jeri Thurkow, Nancy Nix, Mary Jo Suhur, and Robby Kirch), their history teaching niece (Bryande Slaska), and the museum's handyman (Mike Slaska). Summer school students were played by Kaleb Noggle, Thomas Nixon, Maggie Gabel, Caitlin Mansfield, Hannah Mansfield, and Krystopher Shipp. The evil landlord was played by Melissa Hassart, along with Joshua Widener (as the landlord's bumbling son) and Emily Carter as his girlfriend. Playing the parts of various wax figures come to life were a band of Pirates (Joe Vos, Randa Martin, Roxanne Goetz, Mikayla Slaska, Bryson Freshman, and Ryan Prescott), a gang of outlaws (Dale Short, Bobby Short, James Freshman, and Anne Carter), as well as a troupe of Little Rascal darlings (Andrew Freshman, Trevor Qualman, Aiden Slaska, Elliot Noggle, Zadok Aspinall, Tawnie Cozad, and Zelia Aspinall). Rounding out the cast is Kyecka Murdock-May (Cleopatra), George Nixon (King Henry VIII), Jaden Justice (Anne Boleyn), Len Milbyer (John Adams), and Shelly Freshman (as Lizzie Borden). This production was directed by Jeff Roberts.

2009 Season

After a couple false starts, the production of "NunSense A-men!" finally saw fruitation in March, with Jeff Roberts (as Reverend Mother), Joe Strickland (Sister Mary Hubert), Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (Sister Robert Anne), Dave Jordan (Sister Mary Leo), Joe Vos (Sister Mary Amnesia), and Alan Edwards (Father Myopia). It marked the first OBT production in the Genevieve's Restaurant at the old Stray Katz/Gussies building in Empire. Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez served as Director.

2008 Season

Nearly a year later after the OBT production of "Much Ado About Nothing," a cast photo appeared in a special article in Oregon Coast Magazine highlighting various community theaters along the Oregon coast and their struggles to survive. The On Broadway Thespians was proud to be a part of that 6 page feature in the April 2008 back issue.

OBT started off the new year with "The Magician's Nephew" via the new stage venue at Gussies Restaurant. This children's production starred Larry Pierce (Uncle Andrew), Jeri Thurkow (Aunt Letty), Brandon Vos (Digory), McKenna Spencer (Polly), Laura Kuehn (Red Fox), Desi Kuehn (Brown Beaver), Aiden Slaska (little dog), Mikayla Slaska (Blue Bird), Ruth Pierce (Queen Jadis), and Joe Vos (Aslan) who likewise directed.

The romantic comedy, "Same Time Next Year" with roles of George (played by Jeff Roberts) and Doris (played by Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez).

A few chaotic scenes from the dark epic drama, "King Arthur and the Lords of Avalon," with Arthur, Merlin, Morgana and other favorites, staged for the first time at the Pony Village Mall (in the former Area 51 space across from Sears) last August. Written and directed by Michael Gonzalez, it starred Alan Spjut (as Merlyn), Jonathon Reynolds (Kay), Kellen Freeman (young Arthur, Mordred), Kevin Goss (Ector, King Lot), Gail Reynolds (Edine, Maiden of the Lake), Joe Vos (Bors, Vortigen), James Young (Viktor), Michael Gonzalez (King Arthur), CJ Reynaud (Lancelot), Desirea Owens (Guinevere), Mindy Freeman (Elaine), Christopher Reynolds (Tristan), Jennifer Smith (Queen Morgan Le Fay), and Stephen Reynolds (citizen of Camelot).

2007 Season

And so it began, our very first of many plays to come, staged at the historic Egyptian theatre, with it's grand auditorium and gorgeous 80+ year old backdrops! Two one-act plays comprised our offering of children's theatre, beginning with "Dorothy Meets Alice," directed by Joe Vos and starring Aubrey Hathaway (as Dorothy), Natalie Taylor (Alice), Chris Seldon (Judson), Konner Romas (Mad Hatter), Brandon Vos (Scarecrow), Laura Kuehn (White Rabbit), Michael Gonzalez (Tin Man), Desi Kuehn (Dormouse), Chris Reynolds (Cowardly Lion), Leatha Gonzalez (Wicked Witch), and Juliana Seldon (Red Queen).

"Big Bad," directed by Michael Gonzalez, starred Natalie Taylor (reporter Sydney Grimm), Gail Reynolds (Fairy Godmother), Emily Carter (Little Red Riding Hood), Anne Carter (Grandmother Hood), Jonathon Reynolds (Pig 1), Noelle Novotney (Pig 2), Anna Brecheisen (Pig 3), Kurt Brecheisen (Woodcutter), Jeff Roberts (Shepard), Sebastian Bartlet (Boy Who Cried Wolf), Chris Seldon (Judge), Leatha Gonzalez (Evil Stepmother), McKenna Spencer (Little Miss Muffet), Garrett Woody (Stenographer), and Joe Vos (Big Bad Wolf).

Next up, the cast from the popular Shakespeare romantic comedy, "Much Ado About Nothing," directed by Jeff Roberts and Federico Gonzalez. It starred Mindy Freeman (Hero) and Brandon Vos (Count Claudio), Ben Carter (Leonato -Hero's father) and Jeff Roberts (Antonio - Leonato's brother/Watchman 2), Sabrina Gonzalez (cousin Beatrice) and Michael Gonzalez (Benedict), Federico Gonzalez (Prince of Arragon Don Pedro) and Nolan Hofferber (Don John - the Prince's half brother), Joe Vos (Borrachio) and Josh Carter (Conrade/Messenger), Tasha Gonzalez (Ursula) and Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (Margaret), Audrey Osborne (Zara/Verges) and Dave Jordan (Constable Dogberry), Bob Barry (Friar/Sexton) and Kellen Freeman (as Watchman 1), and Juanita Snyder (townswoman).

"Frankenstein," directed by Leatha Gonzalez, made it's debut as the first horror classic ever to be staged at the Egyptian, and starred Tyler Schuldt (Victor Frankenstein), Ben Carter (Alphonse Frankenstein), Gail Reynolds (as fiance Elizabeth Lavenza), Steven Daily (William Frankenstein) Joe Vos (Henry Clerval), Nolan Hofferber (Constable Lionel Mueller), Elizabeth Spona (Frau Mueller), McKenna Spencer (maid Justine Moritz), Josh Carter (Hans Metz), Christopher Seldon (Peter Schmidt), Gordon Freid (DeLacey), Joe Strickland (Igor), and Jeff Roberts as Frankestein's Monster. (Julianna Seldon and Pamela Unfried served as understudies for Frau Mueller and Justine Moritz respectively.) The part of "Fritz the dog" was played by Whisper.

We closed out the 2007 year with a remake of the holiday classic "A Christmas Carol," called "Bah Humbug," directed by Serge Vasquez and Michael Gonzalez. It starred OBT veterans Ben Carter (as Ebeneezer Scrooge), Josh Carter (nephew Fred Scrooge), Gail Reynolds (Anne Cratchit/Mrs. Fizziwig/Old Maggie), and Leonard Gammon (Bob Cratchit/Exchange Man) along with newcomers Eric McDonald (Master Cratchit), Chealsea Fults (Edward Cratchit/Fan), Maydsen Hannah (Belinda Cratchit/Musician), Desi Kuehn (Elizabeth Cratchit/Alice), Alyshia Fox (Martha Cratchit/Georgina), and Mikayla Slaska (as Tiny tim). Further rounding out the cast were Joe Strickland (as Jacob Marley/Exchange Man), Laura Huehn (Mrs. Cooper), Bonny Hunter (Musician), Laura Kuehn (Jane/Laundress), Anthony McDonald (young Scrooge), Danielle Engholm (Girl Want), and Kai Saia (Boy Ignorance). The part of the Three Spirits were played by Miranda Saia (Ghost of Past/Ghost of Present) and Ray Neese (Ghost of Yet to Come).

2006 Season

As is tradition, OBT started off the new season with an adaptation of an old beloved tale, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," directed by Michael Gonzalez, and starring Isabelle Barton (Lucy), Sebastian Bartlet (Edmund), Kellen Freeman (Edmund understudy), Mindy Freeman (Susan), Melissa Freeman (Susan understudy), Jonathan Nanninga (Peter), Whitney Wilson (White Witch), Jaden Justice (Dwarf), Taylor Underwood (Fenris Ulf), David DeAndrea (Aslan), Logan Emlet (Tumnus), Tatiana Havill (Mr. Beaver), Natalie Taylor (Mrs. Beaver), Anna Brechiesen (Unicorn), Haley DeAndrea (Fox), Mark Havill (Father Christmas), McKenna Spencer (Elf), Gabby Mahon (White Stag), Amanda Vos (Forest Naiad--Fire), Emily Carter (Forest Naiad--Water, Lucky understudy), Julia Ingersol (Forest Naiad--Wind), Makena Romas (Aslan's Army), Connor Romas (Witch's Army), David Barton (Young Faun), Sonia Havill (Wood Nymph--Winter), Talia DeAndrea (Wood Nymph--Fall), Amie Brechiesen (Wood Nymph--Spring), Alyssa Havill (Wood Nymph-Summer).

Then, on the heels of popular children's theater, came an adult Musical cult classic spanning the other extreme, "The Rocky Horror Show," starring ??? (Brad), Katy Oliver (Janet), Ben Verschoor (Riff Raff), Lauren Slead (Magenta), ??? (Columbia), Tony Slead (Dr. Frank-n-Furter), Jason D. Smith (Rocky), Ray Sanford (Eddie), Jim Kemp (Dr. Scott), Barbara Bernhisel (Narrator), Shelene Alyxander (Phantom), Crystal Buhr (Phantom), Debbie Cohen (Phantom), Brandi Grimes (Phantom), Patrick St. Pierre (Phantom), Alyssa Schmidt (Phantom). Music was provided by Marshfield High School band, The Machines, with the production directed by Tony Slead.

What better way to start off the Spring semester than with another old family classic, "Hansel and Gretel," starring Rhys Emlet (Hansel), Sonia Havill (Gretel), Vicki Affatati (Witch Wicked), Garret Paulson (Mr. White Cat), Jesse Buell (Mr. White Cat), Adam Pisani (Johann), Heather Nelson (Frederica), Taylor Dornbusch (Taylor), Shelby Bailey (Katharine), Christopher Seldon (Peter), McKenna Spencer (Helga), Cheri Stuart (Stepmother), Mark Havill (Father), Jesse Buell (Karl), Garret Paulson (Karl), and Joe Vos (Sandman).

The fabulous cast from the comedy, "The Foreigner," starring Federico Gonzalez (Charlie), George Nixon (Froggy), Brandon Vos (Ellard Sims), Brennan Jenson (Rev. David Marshall Lee), Cherish Merritt (Catherine Sims), Marilyn Erdman (Betty Meeks), and Jeff Roberts (Owen Musser).

With five wacky Nunsense shows already under their belt, OBT decided to go for broke and put on a 6th one with "NunSensations: Vegas Review," starring Barbara Booth (as Reverend Mother), Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (as Sister Robert Anne), Cheri Stuart (as Sister Amnesia), Yvonne Frey (as Sister Mary Hubert), and Erika Schultz (as Sister Leo). Rounding out the cast were Amanda Vos, Karen Fowler, and Adrian Huyck as the Mount Saint Helens pupils, with scene stealer Isabel Stuart as the Sign Girl. Tom Collins served as accompanying Pianist with Amy Bryan on drums. Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez directed.

The incredibly talented cast of "The Secret Garden," directed by Becca Ruley starring, Amanda Vos (Martha Sowerby), Audrey Osborne (Mrs. Medlock/Fairgoer), Alan Spjut (Cook/Nurse/Fairgoer), Miguel Cabrera (John Sowerby), Corgan Cox (Phil Sowerby), Desiree Kuehn (Betty Sowerby/Mary Lennox Understudy), Sophia Speigel (Jane Sowerby/Hotel Maid), Paula Bracken (Mrs. Crawford/Fairgoer), Ashley Floyd (Kanchi), Jaden Justice (Mary Lennox/Betty Sowerby Understudy), Mindy Freeman/Melissa Freeman (Miss Wiggin), Bo Justice (Dickon Sowerby), Jim Thornton (Dr. Craven), Sabrina Cox (Mrs. Sowerby), Byrell Justice (Archibald Craven), Joshua Carter (Colin Craven), Cassie Justice (Lillias/Fairgoer), Ben Carter (Fairgoer), Susan Jordan (Fairgoer), and Brody Justice (Fairgoer)

2005 Season

Who can resist staging a brand new adaptation of the beloved children's classic, "Peter Pan" starring Jake Countryman (Peter), Melissa Freeman (Wendy Darling), Brandon Vos (John), Kellen Freeman (Michael), Isabelle Barton (Tinkerbell), and Tim Novotny (Captain Hook). Further rounding out this cast of wonderfully talented young people were Rebecca Kaufman, Logan Emlet, Christopher Seldon, Tatiana Havill, Jonathon Hobbs, Christopher Brown, Jordan Hobbs, Christopher Reynolds, Aloura Di Gillilarou, Tristan Morgan, Liz Vos, Desiree Ownens, Erica Shultz, Mark Havill, Karen Fowler, and McKenna Spencer. Michael Gonzalez served as Director.

"In the house down the lane, a very strange 13 year old girl resides..." or so the play "Little Girl That Lives Down the Lane," begins. Veteran actors Amy Bryan (as 13 yr old Rynn Jacobs), Jeff Roberts (as sexual predator Frank Hallett), Chris Hammond (as boyfriend Mario Podesta), and Marion Ramsey (as Cora Hallett) all took the stage, along with newcomer Joe Palmoutsos (as Officer Miglioriti). Not pictured is Desiree Owens (as understudy for the character Rynn Jacobs). Directed by Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez.

Theater audiences were treated this year to a wonderful performance by a truly stellar cast. First immortalized on the big screen, "Steel Magnolias" went on to captivate audiences on stages around the country, including our own. The Coos Bay project starred Tony Slead (Truvy Jones), Sara Moss (Annelle Dupuy-Desoto), Jenny Smith (Annelle understudy), Michele Moore (Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie), Barbara Bernhisel (M'Lynn Eatenton), Gayla Oester (M'Lynn understudy), Jeri Thurkow (Ouiser Boudreaux), and Mary Fernandes (Clairee Marmillion). Lauren Slead directed.

A collage of the cast from "The White Rose," a poignant true story about five students during Nazi Germany who would not remain silent about the atrocities perpetuated by Hitler and the Nazi regime. Outstanding performances by Josh Jennings (Hans Scholl), Mindy Freeman (Sophie Scholl), Tony Slead (Alex Schmorell), Mike Campo (Christoph Probst), Bo Justice (Willi Graff), Robert Mohr (german police investigator), Byrell Justice (Anton Mahler), Alan Edwards (Bauer), and Michael Gonzalez (Guard).

The 19th Century came to life as the "Elephant Man," took center stage. Directed by Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez, it starred veteran actors Joe Vos (John Merrick the Elephant Man), Alan Edwards (Dr. Frederick Treves), Iain D.P. Karroll (Carr Gomm), Jeff Roberts (Carnival Promoter Ross), Courtney Gaspar (Mrs. Kendall/Pinhead/Angel), Megan Sowa (Sister Clarice/Emma/Woman), Jenny Smith (Duchess/Pinhead/Angel), Nicole Dockery (Countess/Pinhead/Angel), Sheena Corbus (Princess Alexandra/Nurse Sandwich), Brandon Vos (Snork/Policeman), and Dave Jordan (Train Conductor).

The Elephant Man, unmasked. Our gratitude to the following artisans who helped bring the Elephant mask to life...Gordon Freid, Tony Slead, and of course our guinea pig, Joe Vos. A lot of time, thought and effort went into the making of this endeavor, from the first casting to the sculpted end product. Thanks guys!

2004 Season

We started off the new year with an musical adaptation of the children's classic, "The Jungle Book," directed by Michael Gonzalez, and starring Ken Sharp (as Mowgli) and Kurt Brecheisen (as Baloo the Bear), Joe Vos (Father Wolf), Andrea Ferren (Mother Wolf), Corey Davis (the Cheetah Guard), Tyler Davis (Lion Guard), Aaron Groeben (as Bagheera the Panther) and Jake Countryman (as Mang the Bat), Quinlyn Deming (Kaa the Python), Dennis Stuart (Shere Khan the Tiger), Jamie Moriarty (Tabaqui the Jackal), Shea Murdoch (Moor the Rabbit), Alan Edwards (King Monkey), Lauren Maloney (Fang the Wolf Cub), Sierra Evans (Razor the Wolf Cub), Ariel Sharp (Wolf Cub #3), Amanda Vos (Marie the Monkey), Melinda Fisher (Sancho the Monkey), Caitlin McCullough (Jo-Jo the Monkey), Anna Brecheisen (Spankie the Monkey), Camille Deming (Monkey #5), McKenna Spencer (Monkey #6), Josee Reynolds (Monkey #7), Brandon Vos (Rikki Tikki the Mongoose), and Ovi Oprea (the Cobra Guardian).

"Angel Street," followed next, starring Jeff Roberts (Jack Manningham), Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (Bella Manningham), Alan Edwards (Detective Rough). Not pictured: Barbara Bernhisel (Maid Nancy), and Sue Garrity (Maid Elizabeth).

The fabulous cast from "Any Given Day," prequel to another play likewise staged at OBT in 2001, "The Subject Was Roses." Starring Donovan Werts (John Cleary), Nancy Nix (Nettie Cleary), Josh Jennings (Timmy Cleary), David Dorsey (Gus), Theresa Erskine (Carmen), Byrell Justice (Eddie), Joyce Kemp (Mrs. Benti), Chris Hamon (nephew Willis), and Don Moulton (Dr. Goldman).

In this sixth "Nunsense" adventure, we find the Sisters on a special cruise, entitled appropriately, "Meshuggah Nuns!" Veteran Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (Sister Robert Anne) joins newcomers Peggy Maddron (Sister Hubert), Joanne MacMillian (Sister Amnesia), and Barbara Bernhisel (as the Reverend Mother) on stage, along with veterans Jim Kemp (Howard Liszt) and Donovan Werts (understudy, Howard Liszt). Donovan also directed this play, while Becca Ruley served as Assistant Director. Luanne May served as musical & vocal director and were accompanied by Amy Bryan (percussion), Amy Hoggatt (bass guitar), and Trevor Edd (keyboads).

The 3rd installment of Children's Theater, "Pocahontas" starring: Ruth Pierce (Pocahontas), Chris Hammond (John Smith), Chief Powhatan (Joe Vos), Mother Willow (Lis Vos), Rebecca Kaufmann (Indian maiden), Tashia Napier (Indian maiden), Noel Novotny (Indian maiden), Jake Novotny (Indian boy), Jessica Hathcock (Indian boy), Levi Williams (Indian brave), Mindy Freeman (Indian brave), Marion Edmonston (Indian brave), Kiel Smith (Indian brave), Brandon Vos (Colonist), Amanda Vos (Colonist), Chris Freeman (Colonist), Lee Small (Colonist), Joshua Green (Colonial leader), Serg Vasquez (Colonial leader), Larry Pierce (Colonial leader), and Gail Reynolds (the Word Spinner).

A collage of the classic thriller, "Dracula," starring a talented cast of both veteran and newcomers: Dennis Stuart (Dracula), Kevin Scott (Harker), John Rutherford (Seward), Keith Johnson (Seward's Assistant), Sam Larghi (the Maid), Tony Slead (Renfield), Jeff Roberts (Van Helsing), Cherish McPherson (Mina, & Vampiress Verona understudy), Lauren Slead (Lucy), Tina Bokan (Dracula's wench), Amy Bryan (Vampiress Aleera & Mina understudy), Ariel Warrick (Vampiress Marishka & Lucy understudy), and Debra Cohen (Vampiress Verona). Directed by Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez.

The extraordinary cast of "It's A Wonderful Life," celebrated the end of yet another successful OBT season with this beloved holiday classic!

2003 Season

"The Only Game In Town," kicked off the 2003 year with Donovan Werts, Theresa Erskine, and Byrell Justice.

"Pinocchio," opened next as the first Children's Theater production of 2003. It starred Jamey Moriarity as Pinocchio, Jim Kemp (Gepetto), Gayla Oester (the Blue Fairy), Michael Gonzalez (Fox), Erika Schultz (Cat), Byrell Justice (Strombini), Mike Campo (Coachman), Quinlyn Deming (Showboy), Davey Gayler (Marionette), and Camille Deming (Marionette.) The Blue Fairy's Elves were played by Lauren Maloney, Caitlin McCullough, and Jaden Justice. Also in the cast were: Doug and Jeff Veysey, Don VanTassel, Gerald VanTassel, Ben Inokuchi, Philip ?, Rebecca Kaufmann, Mindy Freeman, Megan Sowa, and Morgan Barnes.

A wonderful collage of "You Can't Take It With You," starring: Gavin Warren and Marlon Christensen (Grandpa Vanderhof), Karen Carter (Penny Sycamore), Jay Flaxman (Paul Sycamore), Jan Torbeck (Essie Carmichael), Dave Jordan (Ed Carmichael), Michael Gonzalez (Tony Kirby), Courtney Gaspar (Alice Sycamore), David Dorsey (Kirby Sr.), Barbara Bernhisel (Mrs. Kirby), Stacey Clement (Rheba), Larry Carpenter (Donald), Jerri Sowa (Depinna), Judith O'Callaghan (Gaye Wellington), Alan Spjut (Mr. Kolenkhov), Yvonne Frey (Duchess Olga Katrina), Penny Bundy (IRS Agent Henderson), Andres Castillo (G-Man #1), Kyle Roach and Jenny Smith (G-Man #2), and Megan Sowa and Tim Galton (G-Man #3). Directed by Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez.

The very talented cast of "Brighton Beach Memoirs" starring Donovan Werts,, Cassie Justice, Josh Jennings, Erin Thomson, and ????

Collage from the special summer Children's Theater production of "Popeye!" starring Karl Bender (Popeye), Larry Pierce (Brutus), Theresa Erskine (Olive Oyl), Alan Spjut (Wimpy), Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (Sea Hag). Tourists Phoebe Smitasin, Sara Martin, Katie Davenport, Amanda Vos, are joined by Boy Scouts Joe Bender, Joshua Carter, Karl Smith, and Aaron Erskine. Further rounding the musical cast are Hanna Mason, Allie Erskine, Karie Smith, McKenzie Adams, Kayla Myers, Ruth Pierce, Jessica Vasselle, and Katie Chambers. Directed by Michael Gonzalez.

"Pollyana" came to life next on the OBT stage and starred a terrific cast of both adult and young adults. Brianna Walden (Pollyanna Whittier), Cheri Stuart (Miss Polly Harrington), Kim Prosa (Miss Nancy), Tim Novotny (John Pendleton), Jamey Moriarty (Jimmy Bean), Gordon Freid (Pastor Malden), Gaven Warren (Old Tom), Larry Carpenter (Dr. Thomas Chilton), Gina Love (Mrs. Payson), Bob Frost (Jack Payson), Paula Bracken (Mrs. Snow), Penny Bundy (Millie Snow), Mindy Freeman (Monique), Jeri Sowa (Mrs. Durgin), Megan Sowa (Loretta), Jay Flaxman (Dr. Mead), Judi Davis (Mrs. Benton), Joe Frost (Gilbert), Noelle Novotny (Emily Payson), Jake Novotny (Joey Payson), with Jennifer Novotny and Ben Inokuchi as Townspeople. Directed by David Dorsey.

An incredibly poignant moment from "Visiting Mr. Green," starring George Markel as Mr. Green and Byrell Justice as Ross Gardiner, the corporate exec charged with providing community service.

The official cast photo as well as collage of "Jack The Ripper," starring Sky St. John (Dr. William Gull), Dennis Stuart (Inspector Abberline), Marion Ramsey (Mrs. Hiller), Mike Campo (Netley), Maureen Jungbluth (Emma), Bob Jungbluth (Druitt), Amy Bryan (Rose), Penny Bundy (Lady Flora), Robb Evans (Priest/Thugg, Man 1/Orderly), Keith Johnson (Prince Eddie/Thugg, Man 2), Jeff Roberts (Thugg, Man 3/Orderly), Karen Carter (Polly/Witness #4), Andrea Ferren (Annie), Susan Garrity (Lizzie), Barbara Bernhisel (Catherine), Cheri Stuart (Mary Kelly), Alan Edwards (Walter Sickertt), Joe Vos (James Stephen/ Security Guard 1/Policeman/Witness #2), Elizabeth Fisher (Auctioneer/ Salvationist), Glenn Logsdon (Robert Salsbury/Coroner/Photographer), Megan Sowa (Security Guard 2/Witness #1/Prostitute), Jeff Roberts (Witness #3), Kenny Sharp (Paperboy), Jerri Sowa (Queen Victoria/Reporter), and Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (Ann Crook).

The cast of "Little Women," starring Jaden Justice, Holly Stevens, Mindy Freeman, and Morgan Barnes. Not pictured: Paula Bracken, Nancy Nix, Peggy Varner Hall, Crissy Lerh, and Glenda ???

2002 Season

The Cast from "Here & Now," playing themselves as well as the parts they are portraying: Michael Gonzalez, Amy Bryan, Ashley Hayda, Erin Thompson, Andrea Ferrin, Josh Jennings, Domingo Ward, Tom Conrad, Samantha Kaufmann, Nikki Dait, Dawn Grigsby, Lisa Brownig, Phil Wheeler, Robert Jungbluth, Leatha Gonzalez, Cindy Black and Maureen Jungbluth, Director who also plays the Director.

Presenting the cast of "On Golden Pond", which collectively, have 40+ local performances under their belts! (Back row: Phyllis Anderson as Ethel Thayer, Don Williston as Norman Thayer, Jr., ... front row left to right: Josh Jennings as grandson Billy, Gayla Oester as Chelsea, and Byrell Justice, Jr. as Bill. Not pictured is Dave Jordan as Charlie, the mailman).

The very talented cast from the spring children's production of "The Hobbit." Keith Atherton (Thorin), Morgan Banes (Bofur), Melissa Barr (Ori), Joe Bender (Gandolf), Boe Calhoun (Bert), Alex Crane (Tom), Camille Deming (Valley Elf 2/Hobbit Extra), Quinlyn Deming (Valley Elf 3/Hobbit Extra), Meaghn Dimler (Bombur), Ashley Eubank (Dori), Caitlin Finch (Gloin), Karen Fowler (Dwalin), Dalton Galyar (Oin), Anna Helland (Elf Queen), Jessie Helms (Elf Guard 1), Aaron Johnson (Bilbo), Michael Johnson (Balin), Kyle Kathermann (Grocery Boy/Hobbit extra), Rebecca Kaufmann (Bifur), Sara Martin (Essie), Cassie Mostert (Valley Elf 1/Hobbit extra), Lillian Olney (Goblin Attendant), Ruth Pierce (Nort/Gollum), Samantha Rogers (Great Goblin/Elf Guard 2), Sarah Schindler (Valley Elf extra/Hobbit extra), Michelle Schultz (Kili), and Erika Schultz (Fili).

Cast from the controversial play, "Extremities," starring Cassie Justice, Cindy Black, Candace Presnall, and Byrell Justice.

The talented cast of "Lost in Yonkers" starring (L to R): Josh Jennings, Alan Spjut, Kelly Carney, Paula Bracken, Cassie Justice, Byrell Justice, and Bo Justice.

"Lost in Yonkers" even made the front page tv listing of the local paper, "The World."

Aaarrrgh, Matey! There be Pirates and plenty of Treasure at the Summer Children's production of "Treasure Island" starring Melissa Fulkerson (1st Sailor Hunter), Amanda Fowler (Redruth), Jake Countryman (Jim Hawkins), Caitlin Finch (Dr. Livesey), Gena Love (Mrs. Hawkins), Morgan Barnes (Tom Morgan), Matt Barnes (O'Brian), Aaron Groben (George Merry), Mike Baker (Dick), and Karen Fowler (Israel Hands). Howard Swick (as feared pirate Black Dog) and Susie Page (as equally contemptable Bill Bones) further round out the cast, with Director Michael Gonzalez as the crazy old Ben Gunn.

Talk about perfect timing! An old sailing vessel replica, the "Hawthorne Chieftain," just so happened to be visiting Coos Bay during the play run and the entire "Treasure Island" cast was invited to have their photo taken aboard!

It was during the run of Treasure Island that sadly, we lost a much loved and respected actress, director, board member, founder, and pillar of the On Broadway Theater -- Tosca Means. Though things will never quite be the same without her, OBT is determined to honor her memory and dreams that theater (esp. children's theater) continue to flourish within these walls.

The brilliant cast of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde" starring Byrell Justice (Dr. Jeckly/Mr. Hyde), Cassie Justice (Alice Miller), Donovan Werts (John Utterson), David Dorsey (Hastie Lanyon), Jim Thornton (Poole), Serge Vasquez (Alexander Carlton), Mike Campo (Oliver), Joe Strickland, Yvonne Frey (Aunt Lena Place), Judith O'Callaghan-Short (Sarah Lanyon), Paula Bracken (maid Frieda), and Peggy Varner-Hall (maid Frieda). [NOT pictured: Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (prostitute Emily), King Frey (Inspector Alexander Carlton), and George Markel (Father Daniel)].

A color collage of the J&H cast, including this time Leatha Gonzalez, King Frey, and George Markel, (missing from above cast photo) as well as the original script author, Joe Edkin and Director Janet Horton-Payne (both seated).

A collage of the cast of "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame," starring Donovan Werts (Quasimodo), Janice Lambert (Esmeralda), Vann Dart (Dom Claude Frollo), Dave Jordan (Friar Michael), Paula Bracken (Yvonne the Innkeeper), Bobby Thurman (Phoebus), Donna Gaspar (Simone), David Dorsey (Clopin, King of Beggars), Courtney Gaspar (Elizabeth & Mina), Michael Gonzalez (Pierre Gringoire), Samantha Kaufman (Venus & Claire), Megan Foord (Catherine),, Kyle Roach (Death), Joshua Carter (Pickpocket Beggar), Karen Carter (Trinkets Beggar), Jake DeMuth (Soldier 1), Sam DeMuth (Soldier 2), Sarah DeMuth (Mara), Heidi Illum (Isabel), Ben Inokuchi (Blind Beggar), Ed Martin (Judge Barbedienne), Serge Vasquez (Torturer), Susie Page (Noblewoman & Henriette), Susan Jordan (Aloise), Aaron Johnson (Gargoyle Victor), Kayla Meyers (Gargoyle Laverne), Jamey Moriarty (Gargoyle Hugo), Rebecca Kaufman (Citizen #1), Alexander Scott (Citizen #2), Destiny Love (Scarves Peddlar), Gina Love (Noblewoman & Peddlar), Erika Schultz (Commoner), Tim Galten (Juggler), Emily Vincent (Gypsy #1), and Laurie Vincent (Gypsy #2).

2001 Season

Cast and Crew from "Private Wars," a story of comedy and pathos from the Vietnam War, starring Byrell Justice, Donovan Werts, and Alan Spjut. Director Cassie Hines 2nd row to the left.

Cast from "All In the Timing," (Six Short Comedies), starring Randall Tosh, Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez, Cindy Black, Jim Dissette, and Sheri Bowman.

Collage of cast from the 2001 production of "Cinderella," starring: Janet Horton-Payne (Fairy Godmother), Sonya Tomday (Cinderella), Courtney Gaspar (stepsister), Andrea Ferren (stepsister), Josh Jennings (?), Michael Gonzalez (?)

The extraordinary cast from "The Deadly Game": David Dorsey, Paul Schwab, Dave Jordan, Howard Swick, and Greg Gallino. Not pictured but also featuring Susan Jordan, Larry Means, and Tiffany Small.

The cast of 25 from the children's summer production of "Alice In Wonderland." Alex Scott and Andrea Ferren (as the Caterpillar), twins, Erica and Michelle Schultz (Tweedle Dum & Twiddle Dee), Kurt Brechersen (as the Mad Hatter), daughter Anna Brechersen (part of the moving garden), , Katie Chambers (Mock Turtle), and her brother Johnny Chambers, Jenny Walsh (the Duchess), and her two children Jason Walsh (the King) and Sarah Walsh (Dormouse), Ruth Pierce (plays Alice) and her father, Larry Pierce (as the March Hare). The rest of the cast includes Thomas Moriarty (White Rabbit), Hayley Holmgreem (the Red Queen), Erin Johnson (the Frog Footman), Alan Spjut (the Cook), Terry Grigsby and Johnny Chambers (the Gryphon), Stephanie Anderson (as the White Queen), Keith Atherton (the Knave),, and J.J. Williams (the Executioner). The moving gardenscene players are K.C. Williams, Davey Gayler, Anna Brecheisn, Kenny Sharp and Rebecca Kaufmann.

An incredible collage of cast & set from the classic "The Haunting of Hill House," starring the dead innocents: Sam Robb, Josh Jennings, Rebecca Kaufmann, Camille Deming and Quinlyn Deming; the haunted statues: Erin Thomson and Phoebe Smitisen; the sinister gate keeper Glenn Elliott (Mr. Dudley) and his housekeeper wife (Mrs. Dudley) Donna Gaspar; as well as the unsuspecting visitors: David Dorsey (Dr. Montague), Marc Sanchez (Luke Sanderson), Wendy Freed (Theo), Courtney Gaspar (Eleanor Vance), Jan Toribio (Mrs. Montague), and her assistant Alan Spjut (Arthur). Further rounding out the cast is Eleanor's family: brother-in-law Geno Landrum (Len Sr.), sister Gayla Oester (Carrie), and nephew Lenny Jr (Jose Gonzalez).

The cast from the Pulitzer-winning comedy-drama by Frank Gilroy, "The Subject Was Roses," starring Nancy Nix (as Nettie Cleary), Donovan Werts (as John Cleary), and Michael Garcia (as Timmy Cleary). Article from same play. Our thanks to Jim Thornton for providing the photo & article.

The Sisters of Hoboken were at it again this Holiday season in "NunCrackers: the Christmas Musical!" Father Virgil (Donovan Werts) took to the stage with Sister Hubert (Janet Horton-Payne), Sister Robert Anne (Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez), Sister Amnesia (Cassie Justice), and Reverend Mother (Tosca Means). Further rounding out the cast were Billy Wilson (Jack Cody Prater), Louise Mayfield (Megan Foord), Maria Montini (Jaime Scott), and John Kelly (Keith Atherton).

2000 Season

Myron (Mike) Campbell and Melva Campbell starred in "Same Time Another Year," the first of TWO FOR THE SHOW series of Reader's Theater.

John Flarehty and Randall Tosh as Borvinnik and Honeyman, (loosely based on actual negotiations between Regan & Gorbachev in the mid-1980's), in "A Walk In the Woods," another Reader's Theater piece.

Continuing the Reader's Theater tradition, Edward R. Martin and Phyllis Anderson starred in "Fifty Years Ago," (a comic look at two senior citizens celebrating the 50th anniversay of VJ Day).

Cindy Black and Adam Drew were up next with "The Diaries of Adam and Eve," (from the writings of Mark Twain), another Reader's Theater production.

The final leg of OBT Reader's Theater production starring Donovan Werts and Judith Short in "Molly and James," (a war of words between James Joyce and Molly Bloom).

A "Tennessee Williams A-la-mode" evening with one-act plays, "Bertha" (Cassie Hines as Bertha and Gayla Sinnet as the Madam of the house) and "Portrait Of A Madonna" (Donovan Werts & Byrell Justice).

The leading cast of "The Pigman," starring Howard Swick (Mr. Pignatti), Jeffrey Heilbronn (teen John Conlan), Lyssa Neal (teen Lorraine Jensen), Bruce Lehrer (teen friend), Sean Robertson (teen), Ryan Easler (teen), Tricia Berring (teen), Margaret Lehrer (teen), Nikki Watts, (teen) and Jennifer Cain (teen). Rounding out the cast are Policemen Adam Easler & Frank Gallardo and Jean Lindholm (Mrs. Conlan),. Not pictured is Patricia Heilbron (Mrs. Jensen).

Cast of comedy drama, "Crimes Of the Heart," starring Phil Handsaker (?), Kim Micek-Handsaker (? Magrath), Judith Short (Meg Magrath), Cindy Black (Babe Magrath), and Sage Coleman (Babe's Lawyer). (Not pictured: Karlissa Jones (?) )

The cast from production, "Weekend Comedy," starring Tranette Buckingham (as Jill), Donovan Werts (Tony), Alan Spjut (Frank), and Maureen Bryan (Peggy).

Collage of cast members from the summer Children's Theater, "Peter and the Wolf," starring Kristi Gaunt (Duck), Sari Withers (Bird), Alex Walker (Cat), Phoebe Smitasin (Wolf), Tracey Shultz (Hunter), and Scotty Withers (as Grandfather in dancer form). Understudies not pictured: Chelsea Bowman (Cat), Sara Simpkins (Cat/Duck), and Chloe Smitasin (Hunter). Rounding out the cast are Eric Johnson (Druska), Amy Bryan (Marya), Dillion DeDiego (Ivan), Amy Welch (Anya), Michael Gonzalez (the Doctor), Julian Scott Johnson (Peter), and John Chambers (as Grandpa).

The large cast from "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," directed by Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (holding flowers).

Collage of scenes & favorite characters from "Sleepy Hollow," starring Donovan Werts (Headless Horseman), Bob Jungbluth (Ichabod Crane), Courtney Gaspar (Katrina Van Tassel), Byrell Justice (Brom Bones), and Marc Sanchez (Yost). Townspeople were Tina Erickson (Mrs. Van Tassle), Donna Gaspar (Mrs. Van Tassle), Wendy Freed (Mrs. Van Hudson), Andrea Ferren (Mrs. Trenkler), Tonya Somday (Hilda), Hannah Oppeltz (Greta), Susan Page (Widow Van Doorn), and Alan Spjut (Farmer Styvesant). Cloggers/Dancers were Alisha Creson, Debra Fenn, and Tonya Olson. Sleepy Hollow Pupils were played by Sam Robb (Walter), Josh Jennings (Hendrick), Rosie Baber (Johanna), Brittany Fenn (Wilda), Gerald Tassle (Ernst), Jose Gonzalez (Balt), and Olivia Gonzalez (Lena). Phantoms who taunt Ichabod in the graveyard were played by Alyssa Takenaka-Gaul (woman in white), Erin Thomson (captured maiden), Serge Vasquez (indian chief), Kyla Belcher (indian maiden), and Danny Bruckert (pirate). Young Sleepy Hollow storytellers were portrayed by Michael Gonzalez (Dewey), Amy Bryan (Tatumn), Ashley Olson (Casey), and Tyler Henson (Billy). And finally, Food Fantasy kids were adoringly played by Connor Bryant (Goose), Gabrielle Bryant (Chef), Ken Sharp (pig/boy gone fishing), and Jolten Erickson (hotcakes/jimmy).

A collage of the classic Melodrama "The Drunkard," starring Joseph Middleton (Edward) and Kace Giles (Mary Wilson), Serge Vasquez (Sam Adams) Don Williston (Landlord), Danny Druckert (William Dowton) and George Markel (Squire Cribbs), Yvonne Frey (?), and Annie Chilla (Sophia Spindle). Further rounding out the cast, Cindy Black (Agnes Dowton), Asia Anderson (the "Sign" girl), Alan Edwards (Man in Bar), Andrea Ferren (Bridesmaid/Villager), Christen Otto (Bridesmaid/Villager), Courtney Gaspar (Julia Middleton), Pat Lancaster (Mrs. Miller), Susan Page (Mrs. Gates) and Sally Simpkins (Mrs. Stevens). Not pictured: Howard Swick (Arden Rencelaw), Phyllis Anderson (Mrs. Wilson), and John Kruse (the Ragtime Pianist).

Edna Cotner and Marlin Christensen in one of their 11 personna, in the christmas comedy play, "A Tuna Christmas."

1999 Season

Cast of the 1999 classic, "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," starring Paul Swank (Big Daddy), Ann Chilla (Big Mamma), Robin Swank (Maggie the cat), Dr. John Muenchrath (Brick), Sarah Robertson (Mae), and Whit Hamilton (Gooper).

"Sister Amnesia's Country Western Nunsense Jamboree," starring Joyce Kemp (Sister Wilhelm), Cassie Hines (Sister Amnesia), Teresa Martindale (Sister Robert Anne), Pam Chaney (Sister Leo), and introducing Donovan Werts (as Father Virgil Manley Trott).

A trio of Flapper dancers from the 1999 AYA/OBT production of "The Kit Kat Club."

Cast ensemble of "Mousetrap," starring Judith Short (Mollie Ralston), David Dorsey (Giles Ralston), Rob Aley (Christopher Wren), Linda Ormsbee (Mrs. Boyle), Edward Martin (Major Metcalf), Gayla Sinnet (Miss Casewell), George Markel (Mr. Paravicini), and Bob Petersen (Sgt. Trotter).

Discovery of the body in "Moustetrap."

The 1999 Children's Theater production of "Peter Pan,"starring the infamous Peter Pan (Robin Malafry) and the legendary evil Captain Hook (Byrell Justice).

The cast of "Sylvia," a romantic adult comedy starring: Randall Tosh (Greg, the dog's owner), Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez (Sylvia the dog), Kim Micek (as Greg's wife, Kate), and Phil Handsaker (as friend/Therapist).

1998 Season

The cast of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" starring Michael Meagher (George), Josephine Kuehn (Martha), Byrell Justice (Nick), and Cindy Black (Honey).

The cast of "Driving Miss Daisy,", Connie Meinke, David Dorsey, and Andrew Jackson.

It's the Peanut gang from the 1998 production of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown." starring Charlie Brown (Justin Thomas), Linus (Josh Jennings), Lucy (Ashley Olsen), Patty (Tracy Schultz), Schroeder (Evan Blom), Snoopy (Kyle Riley), and Woodstock (Brandon Hartley).

A dark psychological thriller, "Veronica's Room," starred left to right, (Jim Kemp) John Mackey/Father/Conrad, (Joyce Kemp) Maureen Mackey/Mother/Veronica (Jennifer Kuehn) Susan Kerner/Veronica,and (David Elst) Boyfriend/The Dr./Boy. Director Candace Pressnall (seated) brought this play to life in 1998.

A scene from the 1998 comedy, "A Christmas Carol," starring left to right: Cratchet (Mark McKelvey), Scrooge's nephew (Trent Hatfield), Character woman (Betsy Barrett), and Paul Swab as the infamous Scrooge, with the following supporting cast: Marley (George Markel), Tiny Tim (Justin Thomas), Mrs. Cratchet (Judith Short), and 4 clowns played by Yvonne Frey, Joyel Moore, Amy Bryan, and King Frey. Gayla Sinnett did a wonderful job as Christmas Past.

1997 Season

Pam Chaney and Jim Davis argue over the pet cat in the play, "Park Your Car in Harvard Yard."

Tense moments in the 1997 production of "I'm Not Rappaport," starring George Markel, Willie Sadler, Charles Kenshoe, Dottie Dwyer, and Jim Thornton!

11 yr. old Alex Scott brings the character Eeyore to life in "Winnie The Pooh."

11 yr old Sadie Taylor, the Pooh understudy in "Winnie The Pooh."

Of bats and vampires in "Bats in the Basement," an original play by local Dick Booth. Paul Schwab (Renfield) putting the scare in real estate agents, Nancy Nix and Bev Conway.

The teen cast of "Bats In The Basement," starring Chris Wilson (Richard), Emilie Wilson (April), Phillip Robinson (Dracula), Mike Garcia, Jessica Decker, Jeff Heilbronn, Mindy Duke, and Kalin Hernandez as the Halloween friends.

Presenting the OBT Dinner Theater group in the Christmas concert, "Sleigh Ride."

1996 Season

A wonderful still from the 1996 production of "The Octette Bridge Club," starring left to right: Pagan Phillips, Judy Jordan, Dorthea Oyler, Pam Chaney, Barb Bertels, Gayla Sinnett, Maggie Oyler, and Phylis Anderson.

View of the set from the play, "The Ocette Bridge Club."

Cast from the hilarious comedy, "Life With Mother Superior," starring Campion Journot, Angie Edwards, Cindy Black, Liz Porter, Sara Simpkins, Tiffany Conway, Thais Smith, Jenni-Lynn Heilbronn, Lillian Prince, Jennifer Lovell, Alysondra Swiss, Anthony Krainer, Joshua Landrum, Stefani Jantzen, Christina Spence, Jodie Fuller, Hollie Fuller, Erika Perry, Julia Braun, Allison Bassett, Megan Flora, Sheri Beebee, Launa Smith, Lauren Riebeling, Kassie McCormick, Amy Bryan, and Glenda Villamar.

Cast from the comedy, "Alive & Kicking," about Mother Nature vs. Human Nature. Stars include Pagan Evans-Phillips, Cassie Hines, Byrell Justice, and Joe Steins. Also starring, but not pictured, Lynn Riebling.

Cast from the hilarious but moving play, "The Cementary Club," featuring 3 widows (Connie Meinke, Connie Nipgen, Phyllis Anderson) and 1 widower, Sam (Mike Campbell).

Cast of "13 Clocks," a fantasy fairy tale starring Ed Martin (The Golux), Cassie Hines (Princess Saralinda), Bernie Phillips (Prince), Campion Journot (Minstrel), Bob Peterson (The Duke), and Dottie Dwyer (Hark) along with a talented supporting cast Bob Hefty (James Thurber), Jan Bone (Narrator), Lillian Prince (Bird), Cindy Black (Hagga), Chuck Lee (Guard), Nathan Brahms (Traveler), and townspeople Cindy Black, Laura Christy, and Melissa Phillips.

Lillian Prince as the Bird in the play "13 Clocks."

The extraordinary cast of "Our Town" starring George Markel, Jim Thornton, Serge Vasquez, Theresa Erskine, ??????

The cast of "Shakespeare Exposed," (back row left to right): Amanda Norick, Travis Kincher, Deborah Abolitz, Bruce McArthur. (front row left to right): David Elst, Pam Chaney, and Pat McDonald.

Additional cast member from "Shakespeare Exposed," Erin Haldiman.

(Cassie Hines) Arlene fills her husband's head (Randall Tosh) with ideas while plotting his demise with lover (Byrell Justice) a Dentist, in this 1996 production of "Murder at The Howard Johnson's."

A scene from the 1996 OBT production of the "Alley Kids II." Notice the scrim backdrop? Here it is lighted up.

Girls cast from comedy production, "Alley Kids II," starring Sara Simpkins, Rebecca Dorsey, Amy Bryan, Lillian Prince, Megan Foord, Nicole Bailey, Allison Jantzen, and Phoebe Smitasin.

Boys cast from "Alley Kids II," starring Dustin Dow, Alex Scott, Denver Knowlton, Dustin Knowlton, Mathew Reeves, Bradon Cowan, and Jeffrey Heilbronn.

Phyllis Anderson in a superb one-woman show, "Lucifer's Child."

A scene from play "As the Snow Falls," starring David Elst, Randall Tosh, George Markel, and Clayton Willett.

A tense moment between Randall and Clayton in the play, "As the Snow Falls."

The department store scene in "As the Snow Falls," with fellow cast members, (l to r): Chelsea Hogue, Cindy Black, Dottie Dwyer, Ed Martin, Randall Tosh, David Elst, Les Willets, and Clayton Willets (kneeling). Not pictured: George Markel, Shirley Scott, Bill Bolon, Pat McDonald, Violet Hawkins, Amanda Willetts, and Rose Sandor.

1995 Season

"You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running," opened the 1995 season with Joe Oyler, TR Hicks, Erin Parks, Collie Kincaid, Dale Mulder, Pagan Phillips, Phyllis Anderson, and Joe Stynes.

Presenting the cast of the 1995 production, "Many Moons": Candice Deming, Bernie Phillips, Jenni-Lynn Heilbronn, Holly Fuller, Kassie McCormick, James Moren, Jeff Heilbron, Katrina Moren, Danae Stocker, Melissa Phillips, Tomi Lesh, and Jodie Fuller.

Scene from the wonderful children's play "Many Moons," where the Princess (Candice Deming) confides to her mother the Queen (Jenni-Lynn Heilbronn) as the Court Jester (Bernie Phillips) looks on.

The wonderfully elaborate fairy tale stage set of "Many Moons."

The dark drama, "Night Mother," starring Dorotha Oyler and Pagan Phillips.

The lovely stage set for play, "Night Mother."

The 1995 production "Voices," starring Stephanie Cutting, Flora E. Kelly, Lora Sky, and Shannon Foord. (Not pictured: Colli Kincaid).

The striking set, each chair with a story to tell in "Voices."

The zany musical, "Nunsense II: The Second Coming," starring Sister Robert Anne (Pagan Phillips), Sister Mary Leo (Pam Chaney), Sister Mary Amnesia (Cassie Hines), Sister Mary Hubert (Kathy Zappelli), and Mother Superior/Sister Mary Regina (Tosca Means).

"JB," a modern day Job story, only set in a Circus atmosphere, featuring the cast of JB (Steven Heroux), Nickels (Jeff Bert), Zuss (Jeff Hickey) Sarah (Shannon Foord) and Frank Gaer, Elizar Freidman, and Howard League play the comforters. Additional cast members include LaVerne Crabtree, Winnie Kammerzell, Vi Hawkings, Paul Wisher, Alisha Stewart, Dean Walden, Melissa and Bernie Phillips, Kate Sharpnack, Ebon Morse, Tracey Hickey, Rose Sandor, Susan Hootman, Marilyn McAndrew, Janine Stufflebean, Glen Rogie, Eric Rintone, Renee Davidson, Bridgit Pillion, and Lea Rainey.

The 1995 Children's Theater production of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in The Black Forest," starring Kim Prosa (Snow White), and her 7 dwarfs: Chris Spense, Megan Flora, Danae Stocker, Kate Sharpnack, Candice Deming, Jamie Ferry, and Diana Baldwin. New characters include King Absent-Minded (Kolby Hollingsworth), Bella the Queen Witch (Cindy Black), frantic maid Dim Witty (Shayla Mikkelsen), the conceited Prince Goodhearted (AJ Sutherland), and Miss Time (Melissa Phillips). Snow White's animal friends were played by Michell Kirn, Mindy Sutherland, Glenda Willamar, Amy Bryan, Michelle Creech, and Kevin Mikkelson. Additional cast members are Alexis Roblan, Kenna Kamfonik, Monica Scholey, Mark Kirn, and Mary Snow.

The cast of "Sunsets," two one act comedies taking an unusual look at people in their twilight years, starring Phyllis Anderson, Frank Gear, Nancy Evans, Bob Smith, Dave Lewis, and James Freshman.

The lovely set for the 1995 production of "Sunsets."

Collage of Papa Is All, a comedy-drama about a Pennsylvania Dutch Family starring Paul Levin (Papa), Jan Bore (Mama), Dean Waldon (Sheriff), Jennifer Kuehn (Sister), Bruce McArthur (Brother).

Cast from the musical comedy, "The Fantasticks," starring Ron Miller, Shannon Foord, Liz Marr, Glen Rogie, Jeff Hickey, TK Hicks, Mark Tierney, Alisha Stewart, Angela George, and Leah Rainey.

(George Markel) Dad sharing a lighthearted moment with onstage sons (Bruce McArthur) Mickey and (David Elst) Andy in this scene from this Christmas Miracle story, "Greetings."

In this scene, Andy (David Elst) brings his girlfriend Randi (Lara Kobrin) to a family dinner in "Greetings," where they are joined by his mother Emily (Judy Kobrin).

The 1995 season sensation, the "On Broadway Musical Dinner Theater Troupe" starring (left to right): Bob Martindale, Luanne May, Teresa (Boynton) Martindale, Kathy Zappelli, Judy Jordan, Elaine Bessey, Gordon Ogden, and Paul Comfort.

1994 Season

Phyllis Anderson gave a stellar performance in the one-woman show, "Shirley Valentine."

Cast from the 1994 production of "The Ransom of Red Chief," a generous Children's Theater ensemble of 13 children and 6 adults.

Collage from 1st "NunSense" show in 1994 that started it all, starring: Sister Leo (Pam Chaney), Sister Robert Anne (Teresa Martindale), Sister Hubert (Kathryn Zappelli), Reverend Mother (Tosca Means), Sister Amnesia (Leatha Lewison-Gonzalez), and Father (Dan Barnhart).

"Classic Love," a musical program of classic Love Songs and Duets, featuring the wonderful seasoned voices of Tamera Whiteaker and Harry Stitch.

"Bel Canto Recital," a unique ensemble of classical singers featuring Diane Dorain, Phyllis Myers, and Edward Martin.

The brilliant cast from the 1994 production, "Bus Stop," starring (l to r): Teah Whiteaker, Tonia Swinson, and Pagan Phillips (all behind the bar), and Bob Diedrich, Dean Walden, Greg Hutchins, Noah Evans, and Howard League.

A nice shot of the stage set from the play, "Bus Stop."

1993 Season

The cast from the musical program of Operatic Arias and Chansons, "Together For The First Time," starring Rose Sandor (Mistress of Ceremonies), Diane Dorain (Soprano), Phyllis Myers (pianist), Edward Martin (Baritone), and David Sweeney (Tenor).

Cast members from the 1993 production, "The Alley Kids" which featured 17 children, 3 adults, and 1 tiny dog who stole the show! L to R: __(?)__, Katrina Moren, Allison Bassett, and Jomi Leah.

Local actress youth sensations, Angela Bassett and Ashley Creech from "The Alley Kids."

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